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If you arrive on holiday to find that your first job is to spend four days cutting down your 3 foot high lawn, then talk to us.

Whatever the size of your lawn, plot or field we can handle it, no problem. We currently maintain lawns from 25m square to a nine hole golf course (see below photo).

We have an extensive range of top of the range modern, professional, heavy duty equipment-.ega fleet of Kubota ride-ons. Why go to the cost of buying it yourself when you`re not here to use it all year anyway ?

You choose what you want us to do.-

1. A one-off cut

2. Regular cuts throughout the year

We supply all the labour, equipment and petrol. We quote you a fixed price and guarantee total peace of mind.

Free inspection of your property during each visit
Additionally, during each visit, we carry out a full external (and internal if required) check of your house. If there are any problems we let you know immediately and will do everything we can from this end to help you sort it out.

We can also send your post back to the UK. and if you ever need any help about any matters `French` you can always talk to us.

The below left photo is a meduim sized garden that has regular cuts. The below right photo is a small nine hole golf course that also has regular cuts.