Not had time to get around to sorting out the garden ? If it’s grown rather more than you had hoped since your last visit then don't worry just call us.

We specialise in hacking back `jungles` and unearthing your true garden. Whatever the size of the plot or extent of the problem, we can sort it out.

We operate with an extensive range of heavy duty, professional equipment that can cope with everything.

You choose what you want us to do. You may want one or a combination of any of the following:

1. The full service: returns your `jungle` to garden.

2. A cut back: Reduce the grass to `normal` level, trim the hedges, cut back the brambles that are intruding, weed killer paths etc.

3. A clearance to a point where the grass can be easily cut with a mower in future.

4. Something to your own specification (e.g fence post removal)

We supply all the labour, equipment and petrol. We quote you a fixed price per job and invoice you upon completion.

Afterwards, if you wish, you can then opt for the regular grasscutting or maintenance services as did the client below after the intial clearance.

Below photos show the clearance of a very overgrown meduim sized garden

Photos below show the clearance of a much larger site. This was a near one acre plot that hadn`t been cut for three years.