As each garden is unique we cannot provide a quote without seeing the property. Each job is priced individually in advance and each quotation is free, without obligation and fully guaranteed. The price is dependent on the type of job, man hours needed, machinery required and materials to be supplied.

You can pay either by cheque (drawn on a French bank) or by French or English credit/ debit card.

When regular grasscutting is required, we offer the following contract ......

Annual Fixed Price
This will guarantee you a fixed number of 16 cuts during the year.

You are free to terminate the agreement after 12 months (or before ifyou sell the house or move into it yourself). At this point a calculation is made to establish if we owe you money or whether the reverse is true i.e we calculate how much you have paid minus the amount of cuts carried out to that date.

This option is paid by

Debit or credit card.We take the annual amount divided by 6 on a bi-monthly basis from your card. This allows you to budget for a fixed sum each month. e.g if the annual cost was 480 Euros we would then take 80 Euros bi-monthly from your credit or debit card. You can stop this contract whenever you like.

This is how all French paysagiste companies operate.

Just decide what you want, give us a call, tell us where your house is and we’ll have a look at it and send you a no obligation free quote.

We are so confident about our prices that we strongly recommend that you get other quotes from the local French Paysage companies, as we have yet to find one that comes anywhere near to competing with us.