Grasscutting.net is a family business operating in Southern, Central and Eastern Brittany The business is run by myself, Mark Harrington, and my wife Nicola. Together we carry out most of the work, although we do employ local labour as well.

I have been a professional gardener for 25 years both in the UK and France and am qualified with a BSc. and MSc. I am officially recognised and registered by the French authorities as a `Paysagiste` (a landscape gardener). Grasscutting.net has hundreds of satisfied clients and we are continually expanding the business. Grasscutting.net is recommended by local Maries, local estate agents and notaires (names are all available on request). We also carry out work on their behalf.

Living and working in Malestroit, France for over 15 years we are fully registered with all the necessary French bodies; The Prefecture, The Marie, Les Impots (the tax office), Chambre de Commerce and La Mutualité Sociale Agricole (The National Insurance office). Naturally we carry the appropriate business insurance and have a SIRET number.

This means that when the authorities carry out their random checks on people at work (which they do) on your property you are secure in the knowledge that you are not employing anyone illegally. You are thus conforming with the law and not hiring `on the black` and will not be liable for the associated fines- currently be quoted by the Prefecture of up to 50,000 Euros payable by the employer.


We specialise in regular or one-off grass cuts - which is about 60% of our workload

Jungle clearing
We can tame any garden no matter its state or size.

General care + maintenance.
Regular or one off contracts e.g. hedge trimming, rotovating, tree pruning etc

See the second map below showing the approximate area that we cover for regular grasscutting work. We do however, go further for `one-off` jobs such as landscaping and jungle clearance.