Thursday, 3rd January 2019

Cassoulet Beer

This beer is not for everyone!.. Two friends in Toulouse (Occitanie) have combined the region’s local dish with their favourite drink, and created a cassoulet beer.

Cassoulet is a dish typically made with meat such as duck or pork sausages, and white haricot beans and is a common, traditional dish of the Occitanie region.

The meat juices, made from duck and pork, are cooked very slowly with a bouquet garni of herbs for over a week. The idea is to keep the flavour of the original dish, without keeping the fat, and making it a smooth, drinkable beer.

Flavour-wise, the beer highlights the soft texture of the white beans, which contain starch, just like normal barley malt in beer and this is combined with the rich taste of the meat.

This doesn’t really appeal, I may be old fashioned but I would rather eat the cassoulet and drink a real beer!


cassoulet beer1