Thursday, 10th January 2019 

A New Year Quiz!

Before you read any more, quickly write down what you think are the 10 most-loved French words used in English.

Apparently according to Le Figaro newspaper, these are the 10 most-loved French words used in English :-

1. Je ne sais quoi.
Apparently there isn’t an English word that quite grasps the quality of something that can’t be easily described or which has an indefinable flair.

2. Déjà-vu
This literally means ‘already seen’. However, when used in English it is usually used to explain a phenomenon of feeling like you have lived through an experience already.

3. Rendez-vous
In English this phrase tends to have romantic connotations but rather boringly in French it literally does just mean a meeting or an appointment with no hidden meaning.

4. Fiancé(e)
Used to describe someone that you intend to marry. It comes from the verb ’fier’ (to trust)

5. Brunette
Used to describe a woman with brown hair. There aren’t many words in French that need several English words to convey the same meaning! This is one of them!

6. Bon appétit
Always used by the French before they eat. In restaurants, other diners, complete strangers will also say ‘Bon appétit’ to you when your meal arrives. According to Le Figaro this phrase dates back to the Middle Ages.

7. Baguette and Croissant.
Years ago, I think the baguette was called a ‘French Stick’, but a croissant has always been a croissant.

8. Chic
This word describes a certain fashionable elegance

9. Boutique
In France, this just means a normal shop. In England, it is used to describe a high end fashion shop and more recently the word ‘boutique’ is used to describe something small, well designed, highly desirable and luxurious, such as a ‘boutique hotel’

10. Avant-garde
This French phrase is used to describe new and experimental methods in art, music and literature.


I would not have got all of these!.. my list would have included restaurant, café, apéritif and entrepreneur!..