Thursday, 31st January 2019

Filling your car up is about to get a whole lot more complicated.

I always find getting petrol or diesel in another country stressful. It always seems to be me that arrives at a petrol station and there is no one in the little box and all the pumps are self service. This is when it all starts to go wrong. The little monitor is flashing up instructions, then the monitor is talking to me, telling me what to do, very loudly. I am wildly pressing buttons hoping that I have selected diesel. Then, the most stressful part. I insert my card to pay for the diesel and my card is rejected. Why oh why, do foreign pumps reject British credit cards. If I had paid the lady in the box it would have worked but the pumps NEVER like British cards.

Well the confusion is about to get a whole lot worse. Instead of “Unleaded” and “Diesel”, pumps will be labelled with standardised letters and numbers, corresponding to the type of fuel, and the amount of biofuel it contains. I don't even know what biofuel is.
For example, “Unleaded 95” and “Unleaded 98” will both be replaced by the letter “E” surrounded by a circular border, followed by a “5” for 5% biofuel, and “10” for 10%. New and current labels will initially be displayed alongside each other at petrol pumps.
Diesel will be identified by the letter “B” in a square border, with a choice of B7 or B10, depending on the fuel you require (7% biodiesel to 10% biodiesel).

The aim is to make the proportion of biofuel, which I now understand to be fuel from renewable sources, more obvious.

But for me, this will just make to simple task of filling up my petrol tank just a whole load more stressful.

Petrol relabelling