Tuesday, 12th February 2019

Fair food prices

Having given this new law some thought, I think that it is a fair law.

The cost of hundreds of popular food and drink products increased last Friday, (February 1), as a new law came into force.

The Loi Alimentation - which also brings to an end so-called super-promotions, such as buy-one-get-one-free deals - aims to ensure farmers and other food producers are fairly paid.

From 1st February, supermarkets are required to make at least 10% on a wide range of processed foods, including hazelnut spreads (Nutella), formula milk, fizzy drinks, self-service fresh food such as ready-made pizzas, even mineral water will be affected.

The government is asking supermarkets to find a way to distribute margins differently, to distribute things better, the objective is to sell agricultural products at their fair value.

Now you can 't really argue with that.
On a personal level, no one want to see their weekly shopping bill increase but food is the cheapest that it has ever been and I sometimes do wonder how farmers can produce food so cheaply.