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Poete Ferrailleur-`Metal Sculpture Extraordinaire`

If you are coming to Brittany this summer… if there is one place I would recommend it would have to be Poete Ferrailleur-`Metal Sculpture Extraordinaire`. It is quirky in a very Breton Way!

Located near Lizio this local artisan’s work must be seen. Using recycled materials he creates moving, musical and even aquatic sculptures. He’s also quite keen on building odd moving machines and bizarre fountains

There`s over sixty moving works of art. Children can push buttons, pedal things, turn odd looking handles and the `sculptures` all come to life. It really is amazing.

I cannot recommend it enough…







Brittany As It Was During The Resistance

I find the resistance fascinating. The bravery of normal people. The lengths they went to to save their country.

The resistance museum is located in Saint Marcel, about ten minutes away on the outskirts of Malestroit. It is a modern well presented museum charting the darker days of the second world war when the Germans had a large base at Malestroit.

Saint-Marcel was one of the most important locations for the Resistance in Brittany. This museum tells the Resistance story.

It describes the course of events from the occupation to the formation of the Resistance and finally to the huge allied parachute drop that liberated the town and surrounding area. There's loads of exhibits from tobacco tins to full size tanks. You can take a trip in an armored personnel carrier or if you prefer watch the old footage in one of the cinemas -English subtitles.


St Marcel resistance museum





The Postman Stops For Coffee

A growing problem in France and England is that older people want to stay in their own homes longer but families, often living huge distances from their ageing parents worry about their health and well being.

La Poste has come up with a solution, 'Veiller sur mes parents'. This new service offered by La Poste ensures that the elderly person is visited by the postman /postwoman at least once a week and after this visit there will be a text message to relatives to say how the elderly person is doing. In addition there is a 24/7 telephone helpline and links to local handymen.

This service costs €35.99 a month and it is hoped that this service will help prevent the well known problem of loneliness which can affect older people.

 la poste



A Blue Lobster...

Fisherman, Mickaël Gault has caught an extremely rare blue lobster just off the coast of Brittany.

Instead of selling the lobster to a restaurateur it is now swimming quite happily at the marine museum, Océanoplois at Brest.

Only one in every 2 million lobsters are this blue. Although lobsters have a blueish tint this vivid blue colour is caused by a genetic anomaly resulting in the production of protein

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Just The Coolest Thing....

A retired cabinet maker, Michel Robillard from Indre-et-Loire has made a 2CV from local trees.

The wings are walnut and pear wood, the main structure is apple wood and for the boot and doors he used cherry wood.

The car has taken M.Robillard six years to build and as soon as he has had the electrics checked he is panning a tour around France is his wooden 2CV

I just hope that I get a glimpse of it !

Brittany tourism

 The French Have An Official Accent List ?!....

In France you can choose any name for your baby...... as long as all the accents are on the French Official List.

A couple in Quimper, which is quite ironically the 'Capital of Breton Culture', were initially unable to name their son with the Breton name, Fañch as the accent 'ñ' was not on the French Official List !

However, after a number of protests (who doesn't ike a protest ?), the little boy can now be named Fañch.


French Accent


Google Maps Makes €100,000 For One Very Clever French Commune

One very resourceful Mairie has had a tax windfall of over €100,000 thanks to Google Maps!.

The commune of Marmande had 500 declared pools but by using Google Maps tax officials tracked down a further 300 residents that had ‘forgotten’ to declare their swimming pools !

In France, all major works (including swimming pools!) must be declared to the Mairie and following the works residents are also liable for increased annual taxe foncière and taxe d’habitation payments.

I am sure that now many communes will be keeping a watchful eye on any blue patches appearing on Google Maps !