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Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Baguettes change colour, to black!

These baguettes may not look very appetising, in fact they look burnt!, but they are selling very well in a Normandy boulangerie.

Boulanger, Benjamin Rose wanted to make his ‘baguette de tradition’, to which no chemical additives are allowed, stand out. So, he added vegetable carbon charcoal!.

Mr Rose believes that supermarket bread, although cheap has lost the flavour of traditional bread, so he needed a bread that catches the eye and that tastes really good. Most supermarket breads contain about 14 additives and there is a growing demand for less additives and tastier bread.

I am not so sure that these black baguettes will really catch on!, they have not arrived yet in Réminiac!


Baguette Noir




Bees cure asthma and migraine

A beekeeper says that bees can cure asthma and migrane and that asthmatics can find almost instant relief in Lot-et-Garonne if they sniff the air from his beehives.

Apitherapy ( an alternative medicine that uses honey bee products including honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and bee venom) has been used since the early 1900’s and many asthmatics can find immediate relief from breathing in the air from beehives. The benefits last from days to several weeks.

Modern research has identified hormones released from bee larvae in the hive which inhibit the overexpression of genes causing asthma, pulmonary fibrosis and migrane.


Brittany Beehive air




The Worlds best Sausage!

Only in France, could there be a competition to find the worlds best sausage.

We are building up to a pretty important competition and entries are already being considered!

A sausage club from Ardèche (just how many sausage clubs are there in France?!) has launched a contest to find the world’s best salami in June 2018.

I wonder, how do you judge a salami ??

Salami producers will compete for the prestigious Rabelais Medal, named after the the 15th century writer who came up with the word ‘saucisson’.

Worlds best sausage




Visit the Amazing French Castle of Guédelon

One of France’s most unique attractions is the Castle of Guédelon.

This castle is being built completely from scratch using authentic techniques. This project is completely unique. There is no other construction on this massive scale using medieaval technology. The first stone was laid 20 years ago and it is estimated that the castle will be finished in another 15 years.

There are three blacksmiths on site making quarrymen and stonemasons’ tools.

The site employs 70 people and has helped to revive many almost forgotten skills.

There is a lot of interest in this project, from archeologists to schools and the general public. Lyon university have taken a particular interest in analysing the data produced from the site whether it is quarry production rates, properties of lime mortar or how long it takes to build a stone wall. Everything is on such a large scale, for example they don’t need one kiln of roof tiles, they need 80,000.

Part of the project is to share the experiences and last year over 300,000 people visited the site. It also has a designated ‘heritage skills’ training centre which is used for professional training, university students and for young people in ‘second chance school’.
There are also some 600 volunteer workers all keen to take part in the construction of this medieaval castle.

This month visitors can expect to see progress on the gatehouse where the first of the slotted stones have just been fixed. These will one day serve to bring down the portcullis.

Castle of Guédelon




Eating Ortolans is just barbaric

Usually I am pretty positive about France and anything French, but eating Ortolans is just barbarian it is shocking, horrific.

To my shame, I didn’t know that this practice still occured. I thought in my ignorance that it had been stopped years ago.

Every year, in the Landes (South west of France) 30,000 Ortolans (a protected song bird) are caught, fattened up, sold for €150 each, drowned in Armagnac and then cooked.

Fans of this clandestine meal eat them with a cloth over their head to trap the smells given off by the dish. They should cover their heads in shame.

Thankfully the Ecology Minister, Nicholas Hulot has said that the must be ‘no tolerance’ and the area’s prefect must step up surveillance, checks and fines.


Eating Ortolans in Southern France




Wednesday, 22nd November 2017

Brittany solves loneliness and poor eating.

All over the world, the elderly are lonely and students eat bad food.

The French have come up with a plan, the Paupiette project, to solve both problems!

The elderly offer a three course lunch (€7), or just a main course for €4 in their homes for students.

This project started in Brittany and has been so successful that it has now spread across the north-west, down to Bordeaux and Paris.


Brittany solves poor eating and loneliness






La Maison Creme and the Broken Wall

7.45am phone rings.

'Bonjour madame, j'ai un petit soucis, I have just driven into the wall at La maison Creme and the wall is broken. Don't worry, I can repair it. Can you come and see it?'

Oh help.

I arrive at La Maison Creme and it really wasn't as bad as I feared. I had visions of a gaping hole into the kitchen. Our neighbour had parked his car at the top of the lane, forgot to put the hand brake on, and he had watched his roll down the hill into the half metre high garden wall which surrounds La Maison Creme.

The neighbour was there with his uncle, he was very sorry, and his uncle (a different uncle) is quite fortunately a mason. It really is quite amazing, French families always have the right people for any eventuality!

Happily, our guests at La Maison Creme didn't hear a thing and were blissfully unaware of the broken wall!

La Maison Creme broken wall