Client / Owner Booking Conditions:

Below are the Booking Conditions for the french gites (Brittany gite) known as La Maison Orange, La Maison Rose, La Maison Blanche, La Maison Bleue, La Maison Violette, and La Maison Creme (The Property). Bookings are only accepted on the condition that The Client has fully read, understood and accepted all the terms and conditions (numbered 1-12 inclusive) as described below. It is recommended that you print of a copy for your records.

If there are parts of the Booking Conditions that you would like to discuss or do not understand then please contact us.

The present Booking Conditions are an integral part of our Booking Form. By signing the Cheque Booking Form or completing and submitting the Online Booking Form The Client confirms that he/she has read, understood and accepted Booking Conditions in full. See numbers one to twelve inclusive below:


The Owner : The Owner of The Property to be rented as a short term holiday let- Nicola Harrington,

The Property : The holiday home/ gite, including gardens/ grounds as applicable, as designated on the booking form completed and signed by The Client

The Client : The person who wishes to rent The Property as a short term holiday let.

Letting Period: The period of time which The Owner accepts renting The Property to The Client

The reservation/ booking procedure is described on the booking form. The Property is offered for holiday rental subject to written confirmation by The Owner of The Property that The Property is available during the Letting Period requested by The Client. On receipt of the signed and completed booking form (or the correctly completed Online Booking Form) and non-refundable deposit The Owner will confirm the booking to the Client by email. All cheques (non-refundable deposit, balance of rent and breakage deposit) must be made out to The Owner.

The balance of the rent due together with the breakage deposit is payable not less than two full calendar months before the start of The Letting Period to The Owner. If payment is not received by the due date, The Owner reserves the right to give notice in writing or by email that the reservation is cancelled. The Client will remain liable to pay the balance of the rent. Reservations made within two months of the start of the Letting Period require full payment at the time of booking.

The Letting Period shall commence at 3pm on the first day of the Letting Period

No rent will be refunded in the event of cancellation by The Client prior to (or after) commencement of The Letting Period. Neither the initial booking deposit or the final payment is refundable in any circumstances. Once payments are made they cannot be refunded. The Client is advised to take out comprehensive Cancellation Insurance to cover this eventuality with a reputable insurer.

A security / breakage deposit will be paid by The Client, in case, for example, of damage or theft to The Property or its contents, non payment of heating costs or to cover cleaning costs where The Property has not been fully cleaned by The Client prior to his/her departure .This deposit will either be paid by cheque or where the Online Booking Form is used The Client, by completing the Online Form, authorises The Owner to Debit any additional sum from his/ her credit card to cover any breakages, non cleaning etc.

If The Owner deems it necessary to cash the cheque or debit the security/ breakage deposit from The Clients card for whatever reason, e.g. breakage or damage caused by The Client or non payment of additional services like heating, or non cleaning of the house on departure an additional £15 administration fee will be added to the amount taken

The Owner reserves the right to seek additional recourse in the event that the damage / deterioration caused to The Property by The Client exceeds the amount of the security deposit. If the security deposit is in the form of a cheque, The Owner wil destroy the cheque within two weeks of the end of the Letting Period. This is subject to The Property being returned to The Owner is the same condition as when the Letting Period commenced.

The Client undertakes to be a considerate tenant, to take care of The Property and to leave it in a cleaned condition (removing all rubbish from The Property) at the end of the Letting Period. The Client will leave The Property in an identical condition to the condition he/ she found the Property in at the beginning of The Letting Period. The Owner reserves the right to retain part or all of the security / breakage deposit to cover cleaning costs when required or to repair / replace any damage or deterioration to The Property or its contents. The Client shall report to The Owner without delay any defects to The Property or breakdown in the equipment, plant, machinery or appliances in The Property. Arrangements for repair of any defects will be made as soon as realistically possible. The Client agrees to act in such a way that he/ she will not cause any disturbance to those resident in neighbouring properties. In the event of The Client causing a disturbance to the neighbouring properties, the rental will terminate without notice and The Client will leave the Property immediately at The Owners request. In this event, The Owner will not refund any rental monies.

The Client undertakes to allow The Owner unhindered access to The Property at any time during The Letting Period without exception and without notice, although The Owner will try to provide reasonable notice in the unlikely event he/ she requires access to The Property. No animals, birds, dogs, cats, pets or livestock are allowed in The Property or its gardens and grounds without The Owners express prior consent in writing. Any Client bringing an animal or bird to The Property will immediately forfeit his/her breakage deposit and be required to leave the premises immediately. The Owner will not be liable in any way to The Client for the loss of the remainder of the Letting Period and no rental monies will be refunded.

The maximum number of persons residing at The Property during the Letting Period must not exceed the number stated on the booking form. The Client must remain in residence at The Property with his/ her party for the full duration of The Letting Period. If The Client wishes to leave The Property before the end of The Letting Period, he/she must immediately inform The Owner or his/her Agent. No rental monies will be refunded in the event of early departure. Subletting The Property is not permitted without The Owners express permission in writing, in advance The Client will not leave The Property unlocked or any windows or doors open when he/ she is absent from The Property during the day or night. The Client shall not allow his/ her party to exceed the maximum limit of persons stated per Property. These are Orange & Violet, two persons; Bleue four persons; Creme, eight persons; Blanche, five persons without written permission in advance of the letting period from the owner. No tents, motor homes or caravans are allowed in the gardens or environs of The Property without prior agreement of the owner No pools larger than a child's paddling pool are allowed at The Property

7. CLIENT'S LIABILITY The Client must be fully insured for any loss or damage during the letting period caused by The Client either to The Property, themselves or to third parties and/ or their property. In the event that The Client does not subscribe to sufficient insurance, The Client hereby expressly undertakes to hold The Owner harmless (non liable) against any claims from third parties arising in connection with The Clients use of The Property, and to indemnify The Owner in full for any damages caused to The Property and its contents. The Client will also be liable to The Owner for any consequential damages, including, but not limited to rental losses, loss of reputation, etc.

The Owner undertakes to make The Property available to The Client in good condition for the duration of The Letting Period. The Owner will ensure that the keys are made available to the Client at The Letting Period start date and time. The Owner has used his/ her best endeavours to provide full information regarding The Property, which has been made available on The Owners website. The Owner shall not be liable to The Client for any defect, problem or stoppage in the supply of any public services to The Property during The Letting Period. The Owner shall use his/ her best endeavours to remedy any breakdown of any equipment, plant machinery or appliance in The Property, its gardens and grounds during The Letting Period. The Owner shall not be liable to The Client for any loss or damage to the Clients belongings, whether due to theft, direct, accidental or incidental neither injury to the Client which may arise due to The Clients use of The Property or its contents.

The Owner shall not be liable to The Client for any inconvenience, damage, injury or losses due to Acts of God or any events outside the control of The Owner , including, but not limited to; weather conditions, riot, war, civil unrest, wildlife, strikes, loss of any services (such as power, water, internet connection) or roadwork's. The Owner shall not be liable to The Client for any inconvenience, damage, injury or losses due to the activities of neighbours or the activities of any other party outside the property or any other matter beyond the control of The Owner.

If The Property is destroyed, substantially damaged or simply deemed uninhabitable by The Owner for whatever reason before the start of the letting period, The Owner will refund to The Client all sums previously paid in respect of the property rental for The Letting Period. However, under no circumstances shall The Owners liability to The Client exceed the amount paid to the Owner for the rental. If The Property is deemed uninhabitable during the letting period through no fault of The Client, The Owner will refund to The Client the rental paid corresponding to the remainder of The Letting Period. Under no circumstances shall The Owners liability to The Client exceed the amount of the rental corresponding to the remainder of the Letting Period.

It is strongly recommended that The Client subscribes to comprehensive travel insurance (including cancellation and health cover), plus insurance to cover The Clients and his/ her party's personal belongings, health etc. By accepting the present booking conditions, The Client confirms that he/ she has subscribed to personal liability insurance to cover any damage which may occur during the Letting Period (whether it occurs inside or outside The Property, or to third parties). No insurance is supplied by The Owner

Maisons Bleue, Rose, Violet, Blanche, Creme and Orange have free Wi-Fi internet access at the houses themselves

No guarantee is made about the WiFi or internet speed, reliability or functionality-. Internet/ WiFi is completely free of charge and is not included in any way in the the rental contract. It is a free service and does not form any part of the financial contract encompassing the rental of The Property.

Under no circumstances shall any refunds of monies be made in the event of a partial or full disruption/ breakdown of any internet or WiFi services either at The Property or at internet office. No guarantees are made pertaining to the WiFi's and internet access functionality, suitability, reliability or speed

The WiFi and or internet office is used at Clients own risk and The Owner carries no responsibility in any way for any missuse of the WiFi internet service by The Client or any responsibility for any damage / disruption to any equipment that The Client may use to access the internet via the free Wifi. This includes -but is not solely restricted to- damage to any tablet, smartphone, IPod, PC etc

NOTE: A record of every page accessed is registered and stored on our server for a period of several weeks. No passwords identification codes are registered, recorded or stored.

Prices quoted on our website ( and in the brochures, magazines and any other websites where our adverts appear DO NOT include I-IV below

I. Travel to and from the property.

II. Any Insurance. E.g. travel, booking , health, accident, breakdown or cancellation.

III. Heating. This is required for some weeks in the Low Season. See the 'Booking' page for more information

IV. Bed linen, towels and tea towels. These are available as an optional extra. See the 'Booking' page for more information

IV. Any food, drink or entertainment

V. Any additional services or products not expressly mentioned as included on this website.

The present Booking conditions and the resolution of any and all disputes arising from or in connection with the present agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of France . is owned and run by Nicola Harrington and is wholly registered in France. Siret no 490 745 650 00021

The competent French Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any proceeding whatsoever arising from or in connection with the present Booking Conditions

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