Brittany beaches

Brittany Beaches

Our gites are only thirty minutes from the Brittany coast at Vannes and there are so many beaches dotted around that we can't even begin to show them all. Below are some shots from Carnac, Damgan and a few others. Brittany has the longest coastline of any region in France so there's a huge choice


There's a great selection of quiet sandy beaches in and around Damgan which is only forty minutes drive from the gites

Damgan's main beach is stunning and there's plenty of places to buy food, ice creams etc. The main town and its numerous restaurants is just yards from the beach. There's also a large play area with swings, slides and roundabouts -photo's below

One great advantage of Damgan is that its choice of beaches are all close together. There are the busier ones and also those that are very quiet.  The photos taken below were taken in the second week of July so you have some idea about what Brittanys coastline is like in the summer

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Brittany beaches tend to slope fairly gently which means that the sea is shallow for paddlers and that the tide goes out quite a long way. It can come in fairly quickly though so be aware. There's a photo below showing the beach with the tide out. It takes ages to walk out to the sea. On one of the beaches there's an large area of rock pools. See the locals scratching around for their dinner -mussels, whelks and oysters are abundant and free to anyone who wants to collect them

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It's a fun place for the kids to play and there's a swings and roundabout's area about twenty yards from the beach itself as well

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A recommended restaurant in Damgan is the creperie,which is about two hundred yards from the beach. There's also a fantastic artisanal ice cream maker with more flavours than you can imagine. Below are a few shots of the town itself, less than a hundred yards from the beach. There are lots of small shops to choose your favourite souvenirs from. The glassblower's is a must see and don't forget to try the deep fried chi chi and chocolate

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Whilst you are in Damgan why not drive up the road a mile to Penerf and go and eat in Le Pecher or The Bistro de la Mer ? Alternatively, stop off in Ambon on the way and go to the Escale Saveurs -see the restaurant page

Penerf, offering two great restaurants is truly scenic in its own right. The quiet bay is tranquil and calm and you can just sit there, relax and watch the locals busy fishing. There's a sandy beach as well and also an oyster fishery. Take a trip across the bay on the 'bateau taxi' for a couple of euros and stroll round the commercial oyster farms. It's very interesting as it's an real working cove and you can see the whole process of oyster farming actually going on in front of you

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Carnac is probably Brittany's most well known seaside town and like Damgan all the beaches have a pale yellow soft sand. They are clean and well looked after and the children love them. Plus there's a nice promenade if you fancy a stroll and loads of places to eat and drink in the pretty town itself 

You can take a trip on the fifty minute tour on the little train that takes you round the mysterious neolithic megaliths that make Carnac world famous. Also check out the Megalithic Museum which is packed full of fascinating artifacts

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La Trinity sur Mer

About ten minutes drive from Carnac at Trinity sur Mer is Brittany's biggest yachting centre. The immediate vicinity of La Trinity has some beautiful, stunning beaches, a large marina and some excellent shops and galleries. It's well worth a visit

Quiberon Peninsula

The peninsula stretches fourteen kilometres into the sea and boasts twelve sandy beaches and more than 2,500 hours of sunlight a year. The main town of Quiberon is one of Morbihan's liveliest and most popular resorts with a large sandy beach, promenade and plenty of beach sidebars, restaurants and souvenir shops. Departing twice a day from Quiberon is a ferry to the island of Belle-Ile

Belle Ile

Belle Ile is Brittany's largest island, fifteen Kilometres offshore and has attractive beaches, beautiful and varied scenery with plenty of historical sites. There are guided coach tours, which are an ideal way for day trippers to explore the island. Monet painted numerous pictures on the island

Ile aux Moines

The island is just off the coast at Port Blanc near Vannes. Pay five Euros for the trip over (boats leave every half an hour) and check out the beaches there. Have lunch in one of the many restaurants. Hire a bike or a boat, or just go for a walk

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Larmor Baden

Along the Northern edge of the Golfe du Morbihan are countless sandy beaches and all are generally deserted. Take a trip along the coast towards Lamor Baden and turn left towards the sea. Dozens of lanes wind down to the beaches. They pop out right on the sand so just stop and you're on the beach. There's so many hidden coves you'll never have time to find them all. The pictures below give you an idea of how quiet they are- this was midsummer

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La Baule

La Baule has a massive bay with a sandy beach and there's loads to see and do as well: water sports, bars, restaurants and shops plus a really nice town to walk around and there's a market most days in the summer. La Baule is known as the Monaco of the North and is pretty smart


The coastline here has a mixture of dramatic granite cliff tops and sheltered sandy coves. Walk along the cliff tops then climb down to a hidden beach, relax and go for a swim

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Port Louis

Port Louis has a large sandy beach near the town with easy parking. It's a port that is rich in history with impressive ramparts and a town centre full of character. The fortified citadel dating from 1591 was used as a prison, barracks and arsenal and is now a complex of several interesting museums


This really nice small town is a bit further along the coast The town square is traditional in every way, packed with cafes with tables and chairs filling every space. Not only that but there's a great sandy beach which is perfect for sunbathers and walkers. There's lots for the children to do (trampolines etc) and loads and loads of rock pools to explore. Plus there's a fantastic cliff-top walk along a rough sandy track which winds its way around the rocky headlands and coves. The views are stunning and well worth the trek. Try one of the many restaurants in the town square

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Penn Lann

It's so quiet here. If you'd like your own 'personal beach' then head here. It's just south of Damgan on the other side of Billiers. Park up at the end of the headland and instead of opting for the main beach by the restaurant walk to the left along the cliff top path. In a few hundred yards you'll come across various little routes down the cliffs to tiny secluded beaches just a few hundred yards long. There are plenty to choose from and most are deserted


Auray has a beach, but we recommend a trip down to the estuary and port. It is absolutely stunning. You can go for a really nice walk along the river and then have lunch in one of the numerous quay side restaurants. Eat mussels, scallops or oysters if you like seafood. Alternatively try a French pizza, some pasta, or perhaps something more traditional in an auberge

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