Brittany markets

Brittany Markets

There are markets everywhere in Brittany. All the towns and even some of the small villages around here have at least one a week and it's possible to go to a different one every day. The nearest is at Guer then Plöermel, Malestroit, Josselin, St Malo de Beignon, Maure de Bretagne, Plelan le Grand, La Gacilly, Questembert, Redon, La Roche Bernard; and that's to name just a few

Markets in Brittany usually concentrate on fresh food that is locally produced, reared or caught. There's bread, cheese, fish, meat, chickens -dead and alive- flowers, fruit and veg. They also sell clothes and kitchen equipment. There always seems to be a hot crepe stand where you choose your filling and eat it al-fresco. Don't forget the local speciality.....  seafood

A definite recommendation is the 'roti de porc or poulet' stall. Here you buy whole chicken or a joint of pork perfectly barbecued and red hot. The taste is fantastic. You can also have side orders of steaming hot potatoes and onions. It's all served in a special bag for you to take home to eat when you want to

At the bottom of the page is a list of of all the market days in Brittany

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Brittany Markets: Where and When

Allaire Fri Morning
Ambon Sat Morning – July & August
Arradon Tue Morning – Town Centre
Arradon Fri Morning – Town Centre
Arzon Tue Morning – Seasonal – Town Centre
Arzon Mon Morning – July & Aug – Port du Crouesty
Arzon Fri Morning – Seasonal – Town Centre
Baden Sun Morning
Baud Sat Morning - Place de l'Église
Béganne Sun Morning
Billiers Sun Morning
Carnac Sun Morning - Place du Marché
Carnac Wed Morning - Place du Marché
Damgan Sat Morning – Town Centre
Damgan Tue Morning – Town Centre
Damgan Wed Morning – July & August – Marché des Arts
Elven Fri Morning – Town Centre
Erdeven Thu Morning – Town Centre
Erdeven Mon Morning – Place de la Mairie
Etel Tue Morning – Place de la Républic
Gourin Mon All Day – Place de la Victoire
Grand Champ Fri Morning
Groix Tue Morning
Groix Sat Morning
Guer Wed Morning
Guern Wed Morning
Guidel Sun Morning - Place de l'Église
Guidel Wed Morning - Place Le Montagnière
Guillers Tue Morning
Hennebont Thu Morning
Josselin Sat Morning – Town Centre
Kernascléden Wed Morning - 3rd Wed of the month
La Gacilly Sat Morning - Place du Marché
La Roche Bernard Tue Morning – Town Centre
La Trinite sur Mer Fri Morning – Places du Voulien
Lanester Tue Morning – Place Delaune
Langonnet Thu Morning – Every 2nd Tuesday
Languidic Fri Morning
Larmor Baden Sun Morning – Town Centre
Larmor Plage Sun Morning - Place Notre Dame
Le Bono Wed Morning - Fish
Le Bono Thu Morning – Légumes and Poissons
Le Bono Sat Morning – Grand Marché
Le Croisty Sat Morning - 4th Sat of Month
Le Faouët Wed All day - 3rd Wednesday of the month. Sous la Halle
Le Guerno Tue Evening – July and August
Le Roc St André Sun 8 Morning
Locmaria Wed Morning – July and August
Locmaria Sun Morning
Locmariaquer Sat Morning – Town Centre
Locminé Thu Morning – Town Centre
Locmiquelic Fri Morning – Grande Rue
Lorient Sat Morning – St Louis
Lorient Wed Morning – Merville
Malansac Tue Morning
Malestroit Thu Morning - Place Docteur Queinnec
Mauron Fri Morning – Rue Nationale
Muzillac Fri Morning
Noyal Muzillac Sun Morning
Pénestin Wed Morning – Seasonal – Rue de l'Église
Pénestin Sun Morning – Seasonal – Rue de l'Église
Pénestin Fri Evening – July and August
Plöermel Fri Morning – Place du Tribunal
Ploemeur Sun Morning – Town Centre
Ploemeur Mon Morning
Ploemeur Wed Morning
Ploemeur Thu Morning
Ploëren Sun Morning
Plouay Mon Morning
Plougoumelin Fri Morning - Place de l'Église
Plouhamel Fri Morning – Place de Gaulle
Plouhinec Wed Morning
Plumelec Wed Morning
Pluvigner Thu Morning
Pontivy Mon All Day
Pont Scorff Sat Morning
Port Louis Sat Morning - Place du Marché
Port Louis Tue Morning – Seasonal; - Town Centre
Questembert Mon Morning – Town Centre
Quéven Thu Evening
Quiberon Wed Morning – Seasonal – Port Haliguen
Quiberon Sat Morning – Place du Varquez
Réguiny Wed Morning
Riantec Wed Morning - Place de l'Église
Saint-Avé Tue Morning - Organic
Saint-Avé Sun Morning
Saint Anne D'Auray Wed Morning
Saint Gildas de Rhys Mon Morning – Seasonal – Town Centre
Saint Gildas de Rhys Tue Morning – Seasonal – Town Centre
Saint Gildas de Rhys Sun Morning – Town Centre
Saint Gildas de Rhys Fri Morning - Seasonal – Town Centre
Saint-Jean-Brévelay Tue Morning
Saint Philibert Sat Morning
Saint Pierre Quiberon Mon Morning – Seasonal - Penthievre
Saint Pierre Quiberon Thu Morning – Place de la Marne
Sarzeau Thu Morning
Sene Fri Afternoon – Town Centre
Sene Sun Morning – Oysters
Sérent Wed Morning
Sulniac Sat Morning
Surzur Thu Morning - Place de l'Église
Theix Sun Morning
Vannes Wed Morning – Place des Lices
Vannes Sat Morning – Place des Lices

The above list of Brittany markets is definitely not exhaustive and there are many, many more