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Covid News and Booking Policy for 2022 & Onwards

Update 5th November 2021

For everyone who is double vaccinated the quarantine in both the UK and France is over. To come to France you do not need any COVID tests at all if you are fully vaccinated. Not only that but you don't need any tests to leave France and return to the UK after your holiday. You only need to carry out a lateral Flow Test two days after your arrival in the UK

Easy-Jet are now flying to France and Brittany Ferries are crossing the channel to St Malo, Caen, Roscoff and Le Havre. Transmarche Ferries and P&O are also operating.

There is no lockdown here in France and just about everything is virtually back to normal with all shops, restaurants, bars and tourist attractions open. The only noticible difference from pre-Covid days is that face masks are still obligatory inside shops etc and that the Covid app from your phone has to be presented in restaurants and bars. In the case of the French this is their 'Pass Sanitaite' but for travellers vaccinated in England and Wales the NHS QR code proving their vaccine status is accepted instead

Brittany is the least touched area of France and with a land area of over 13,000 square miles consisting mainly of wide open space that's not really surprising. You can easily asses the negligible impact here by the tests results. In Morbihan hundreds of thousands of tests have been carried out since March last year and as of today's date only one percent of those have come back positive during that entire time which obviously included the peak periods

The above information is obtained from the French governments official coronavirus website....... and we would encourage you to have a look at it yourself. It's updated daily so check that nothing has changed before you travel

As of today's date France now has a lot less reported new cases per day than the UK  (about 5000) and with over 50 million people vaccinated at least twice twice has caught up with the UK's impressive vaccine rollout !

NB... for what it's worth we have never come across or even heard of anyone who has contracted the virus around here. Brittany is one of the least affected areas of western Europe

Our Gite Cleaning Regime

As our previous and returning customers will confirm our cleaning has always been exemplary. However, since the start of June 2020 we have implemented an even more vigorous protocol including using a special antibacterial sanitising cleaning solution to wipe down all touchable surfaces throughout the houses, especially in the kitchens and bathrooms 

Booking Policy for 2022 and onwards

Obviously 2020 and 2021 were particularly challenging years for everyone but now that the UK and Europe have rolled out their vaccination programs things have improved rapidly

Any bookings made for 2022 and onwards cannot be refunded or moved to another date due to COVID restrictions or any other reasons. Our apologies but as a small business we cannot continue to indefinitely 'insure' bookings and recommed that you take the appropriate travel protection if you would like those extra guarantees. Most banks and insurance companies offer travel insurance online